New Dining Hall -- We feed 150 people comfortably during weeks of summer camp (The room was designed to seat 200+.)

Kitchen -- Commercial stove w/ two ovens and a grill, dishwasher, convection oven, walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer, tableware for 200 people, pots, pans, trays, serving bowls, and utinsils.

8 cabins -- Each has 10 beds (5 sets of bunks), and a full bathroom. You provide towels and twin-sized bedding.

Guest rooms -- Either private (with private bathroom) or semi-private (rooms which share a bathroom.) Linens and towels are provided.

RV sites -- With water, sewer, and electricity (110 V or 220 V -- 30 Amp). Keep in mind that Kentucky roads are winding and hilly. Charter buses have been at camp, but we are not "easy-access." The two available RV sites are not "pull-through."

Tent sites -- There are a few flat places with nice grass where tents can be set up. You may find yourself near a creek or small stream, but you will most likely not be near electricity or bathrooms. There are bathrooms and shower accomodations in the lower level of the new building (Dining Hall entrance).

Chapel -- The upper level of a 2 story building, it seats 200. There is a stage at the front which is raised about 18 inches from the rest of the floor. There are 2 bathrooms at the back.

Recreation Hall -- Also in the upper level of the chapel building. Games include air hockey, ping-pong, pool, hoops, carpetball, foosball, checkers, and chess.

Playground -- Concrete basketball and volleyball courts, jungle gym, tetherball, teeter-toters, and a merry-go-round make up our lower playground.

Upper Playground -- A creative playground with slides, bridge, monkey bars, and fireman pole gives kids a chance to expell energy. The sand box may offer them an hour of fun, or it may end with sand in the hair. You never know which.

Pavilion - This open sided building is about 20' by 40' and is located close to the upper playground. It offers a dry place to grill hamburgers when it happens to rain, or a covered area to hold a "campfire" service on a wet evening.

Archery & Riflery range -- Fiberglass recurve bows and BB guns give you a chance to learn or improve your marksmanship skills.

Hiking trails -- Hikes ranging from moderate to strenuous wind through the hills. Choose to climb up to Window Rock or Big Rock to enjoy the view. Choose to go past Bobcat Cave and around the point into the next holler for a walk in the quiet woods. Follow Larkin Holler up past the source of its water and climb up to the reclaimed strip-mine area.

Ball Field -- The bottom land by Little Buckhorn Creek offers a great place to play Softball, Ultimate Frisbee, Football, or Soccer. There is a backstop for the Softball game, but you'll have to make your own boundaries and goals with cones for the other games.

Fire Tower -- About 5 miles up Little Buckhorn Creek is the Robinson Forest Experimental Station where the University of Kentucky is doing forestry research. They have a 1-mile interpretative trail that goes to the top of the mountain where a fire tower is located. Looking around at the hills of Kentucky from about 50 feet above the tree line is worth the climb. Just remember that you have to hike both up and back down the 1-mile trail from the parking area.

Campfire Ring -- There is a brick campfire ring surrounded by benches to seat 75 people. There are a couple of picnic tables close by, so we often enjoy having cook-outs down in this area near the creative playground and pavilion. There are also numerous smaller campfire sites around the campground.

2 Gazebos -- These wonderful places allow you to sit and enjoy the cool breeze that often flows down the holler. Either enjoy the solitude or get a friend to sit with you so you can talk about the things that are going on in your life at the present time.

Waterslide -- The older folks can sit at the bottom and watch while the young ones climb up the stairs and slide down the 125 foot slide into a pool of cool water (and then do it over and over again.)

Lawn Games -- Bring your own favorites, or ask the camp staff to set up a horseshoe or cornhole game to test your aim.

Our prayer is that the use of these facilities will be a tool to bring people together and into closer communication and community. Let us always remember that people are what matter for eternity.