God's work

done in God's way

will never lack God's supply

-- Hudson Taylor (missionary to China)

Back in 1999, many friends of camp made a pledge to support Bethel Camp with a gift of $150 per year (that's $37.50 per quarter, $12.50 per month, or 42 cents per day) for 5 years.  Some gave more and some gave less, but all the gifts were appreciated.  These gifts made it possible for us to provide a low cost ($50 per week) high value (worth at least $200 per week) camping experience for hundreds of campers during those years (the actual number was 1887 campers in 5 years).

Knowing that we have a steady source of income gives us freedom in planning our camp program and making out our yearly budget.  We also see the commitment which your support represents and it gives us added zeal to continue with the work of ministering to young people.  Thank you so much for what you have done.

After the first 5 years, many of those who started giving regularly continued with their support. Would you consider joining them and getting involved for as a partner -- a builder in the lives of these young people? Would you make a 5 year committment to cover the costs that a camper's tuition doesn't cover? This next year even with volunteer summer staff and many people giving of their time it will cost about $250 per camper above the camper's tuition of $60 (for a 5-day camp) or $70 (for a 6-day camp). That comes out to $62.50 every three months, $20.84 per month, or 69 cents per day)

Making a pledge of annual, quarterly, or monthly support for a special cause makes a statement. We are living in a time when "change" is the thing that is normal.  Very few things in young people's lives are stable.  We want campers to truly experience Jesus -- our rock and firm foundation.  He does not change.  He is that place we can anchor to which will hold when all other things are moved or give way.  In order for Bethel Camp to show Jesus as true and faithful, two things need to happen.  1) As a ministry we need to remain firmly rooted in Jesus.  2) We need people like you to partner with us for the "long haul." We're not in a sprint, we're in a marathon.

Please contact us if you want to get involved in this way.