Stepping out in faith and building two girls cabins above the dining hall

Pouring cement to make a 150 foot waterslide

Building four boys cabins on the hill above the Chapel

Building 2 more girls cabins further up above the first two

Remodeling Sunbeam Hall and adding a spacious back porch

Remodeling Krestan Hall (6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a spacious meeting room)

Sometimes it is really good to stop, take a step back, and look at the big picture. You can look back and say "thus far hath the Lord led us." That's a faith statement. That's a statement that helps you trust God when you look into an unknown future and have to trust in something beside yourself because you know you're not big enough to meet the challenge alone.

We feel that then next step (as far as taking care of the facilities God has given us) is replacing 60'x30' building that houses our chapel and recreation hall with a new 95'x75' two-story building. This new building would provide expanded dining facilities to meet the needs of our growing camp size, a new chapel area, and space for recreation .

Please pray that God would lead us in taking these next steps of faith.

Here are some preliminary sketches

preliminary sketches